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My Tech Stack

Across this website, I introduce some of the projects I have built. This is the list of tools or technologies I've used in the process.

Products I've used

The list is not exhaustive as it is generated automatically as I reference them throughout the web pages.

Every now and then, I still enjoy giving new things a shot, even if it doesn't get published on GitHub.

Logo of Material UI Material UI
Logo of Tailwind CSS Tailwind CSS
Logo of Bulma CSS Bulma CSS
Logo of Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure
Logo of Netlify Netlify
Static Site Generators (SSG)
Logo of Astro Astro
Logo of Hugo Hugo
Content Management Systems (CMS)
Logo of Storyblok Storyblok
Logo of Astro Astro
Logo of Vite Vite
Logo of React React
Logo of TypeScript TypeScript
UX / UI Design
Logo of Adobe XD Adobe XD
Logo of Figma Figma
Logo of Visual Studio Code Visual Studio Code


I self-host my own software to avoid reliance on SaaS services and ensure data ownership.

While not a traditional homelab in the strictest term, I use a cloud virtual machine to become familiar with container technology and Ansible automation.

I am running Rocky Linux and containerizing my applications using Podman. To expose them to the network, I use either Caddy or Tailscale VPN.

  • NocoDB

  • n8n

  • Plausible Analytics

  • SerpBear


One desktop, one laptop.

Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

I currently run PopOS, but I am planning to switch to OpenSUSE Aeon. After disliking GNOME throughout the 3.x cycle, I switched to Windows 10. However, I am now enjoying the experience of using an (almost) vanilla GNOME 42.

I am drawn to Aeon because of the concept behind immutable distributions and the idea of isolating different environments with DistroBox.

What got me back to Linux? I dislike Windows 11's constant push for its cloud services.